Do-it-yourself lessons! These 22 photos will show you that even from waste you can make something useful -
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Do-it-yourself lessons! These 22 photos…
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Do-it-yourself lessons! These 22 photos will show you that even from waste you can make something useful


Our imagination always surpasses, by far, the reality of things.

That's why, if in your head a new idea has appeared clear and sharp in every detail, it is useless to look for the same thing in some shop. The simplest way you can give life to your ideas and be satisfied with the result is to do it yourself. 

This is what the inventors of these strange - but useful and fun - objects that we propose here below have done.

Take a look! They will tickle your imagination and give you the courage to create and produce your own!

1. Beverage mixer, for cocktail lovers

2. With a few PVC plastic tubes, it is very easy to make a garden shower


3. Unusual but very original bar stools made from bike seats and wheels!

4. These wrenches have become shiny and sharp kitchen knives

5. Other wrenches, shaped differently make great country-style coat hangers


6. A car wheel disk becomes a practical BBQ grill

7. When a blacksmith becomes an artist


8. How to make a bonfire area in your garden for warm evenings whenever you want!

9. The barrel was changed into a vintage armchair


10. Two car wheel disks simply mounted on top of each other to create a heater

11. An idea for a mini bar made from a Jerry can

12. A bathroom sink made from a car transmission

13. An idea to make hanging shelves, simple but resistant

14. Neat freaks will appreciate this adhesive tape container

15. A wooden barrel lends itself perfectly to becoming a bar table

16. A camper tent mounted on your bed immediately creates an intimate and adventurous atmosphere!

17. An original way to use domino pieces

18. A wooden barrel can function as a comfortable dog bed once emptied out --- maybe not by the dog ...

19. A second life for beer bottles --- as a chandelier!

20. An example of a horizontal and hanging rack for storing fishing rods

21. A very well-made do-it-yourself bowling alley

22. How to use common folding chairs to create shelves and an open closet

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