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7 products to clean the house that you…
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7 products to clean the house that you should NEVER mix with each other

August 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We hear people say that mixing this or that product when doing the housecleaning guarantees miraculous results. Well, in most cases you risk only ruining the surfaces we want to clean and above all our health! 

Cleaning products are chemical compounds and it is good that you know what reactions are triggered when they come into contact.

It is best not to mess around with chemistry, it is much better to be prepared!

1. Bleach and alcohol

The combination of bleach and alcohol produces chloroform and chloridic acid. When these chemicals are combined they can damage to the nervous system, lungs, liver, kidneys, and skin. 

Even just breathing too much chloroform causes dizziness and even fainting.

2. Bleach and vinegar

Many do-it-yourself methods use vinegar to clean certain surfaces. This is correct but just do not ever mix it with bleach! It produces gases that are harmful to the lungs and burn eyes.


3. Bleach and ammonia

This is a combination that is very dangerous for your health. Ammonia and bleach produce a toxic gas harmful to the respiratory tract. Furthermore, high concentrations of chloramines and ammonia generate explosive reactions.

4. Bleach and products for other surfaces

It is better not to mix bleach with any other product, especially those dedicated to other uses such as dishwashing detergents and glass cleaners. These combinations produce chlorine gases that are harmful to the respiratory tract and to our eyes.

5. Baking soda and vinegar

image: pixabay

Vinegar is an acid and sodium bicarbonate is a weak base, so they neutralize each other and their union is almost useless. Furthermore, if mixed in closed and small containers, they could explode.


6. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

The union of these two products generates peracetic acid which, at high concentrations, irritates or damages the skin, eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

7. Products of different brands

It is always better to avoid combining cleaning products. Even if you can read the ingredients, you do not have a degree in chemistry and you cannot know what reaction can be generated by the union of those substances.

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