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18 rare historical photos that you will…
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18 rare historical photos that you will not find anywhere else


When we say that "this photo has made history" there are two slightly different meanings.

On one hand, we want to say that a key moment in the history of humanity has been immortalized or that it can be interpreted as a symbol of a broader social change; on the other hand, we refer to the fact that the photo itself has become an icon in its own right.

The photos that we present here lack the second feature but in any case, they are photos that freeze particular and significant moments of our past but have never become iconic photos.

1. The space left empty by the Gioconda after it was stolen in 1911.

 2. Donald Trump and Michael Jackson on a private jet in 1989.


3. Stevie Wonder visits a school for blind children in 1970.

4. Cow's hooves that were used by alcohol smugglers during Prohibition to avoid being recognized by their shoe footprints.

5. Barack Obama and his newly married wife Michelle in 1992.

image: ASAmd/Reddit

6. Freddy Mercury in the arms of his mother who is of Indian origins in 1947.

7. The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1934.


8. A young Bill Clinton shaking hands with John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963.

9. Bonnie and Clyde's car riddled with bullets in 1934.


10. A field of wheat growing in the heart of Manhattan in 1982.

11. Lady Diana and her son, Prince Harry, in a water park in 1992.

12. The food of the astronauts during the Apollo mission in 1969.

13. Being fined for wearing a bikini in Rimini, Italy in 1957.

14. The seal on the tomb of Tutankhamun shortly before it was broken in 1922. He had been there for over three thousand years.

15. A demonstration of the use of the mouse in 1968.

image: Yoojay/Reddit

16. The Sphinx still submerged by sand in 1860.

17. What the Finnish social security system distributed to all expectant or adoptive parents as early as 1939.

18. George McLaurin, the first African-American student admitted to the University of Oklahoma sits separately from the others in 1948.


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