These photos show 20 moments of joy for some ... but of pure jealousy for others! -
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These photos show 20 moments of joy…
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These photos show 20 moments of joy for some ... but of pure jealousy for others!


Jealousy is definitely a natural feeling, which can, depending on the situations and the people involved, become a real and very harmful obsession --- both for those who are jealous and for those who experience the jealousy of others, or it can be overcome with time and experience.

The images that follow show moments of pure jealousy, so spontaneous as to make you - we are sure - burst out laughing!

1. This cat definitely seems to be jealous of this puppy dog.

2. When your friend has something better than you!


3. Maybe the dog would also like to take a selfie in a bikini?

4. When someone else has already taken the best place!

5. Jealous of the photo that his girlfriend had hung on the fridge, he took a selfie that is very similar!


6. "Ok, a nice kitchen, everything is great, but when do you start cooking?"

7. If everyone loves the baby who sits here for hours, then maybe it will have the same result for me.


8. Summer is the season of jealousy par excellence!

9. My cat is probably jealous of my uncle for sitting in his favorite chair, and not the bird ...


10. The maxi ice cream cone that EVERY child dreams about!

11. His dog did not know what to think ...

12. Another kiss like that could cost him his face

13. No matter what time you decide to have a snack, your dog will always be there, waiting for a few crumbs to fall ...

14. The exclusive moments that one of the siblings manages to have with a parent are the classic causes of jealousy for the others who feel excluded.

15. "Hey ... what are you eating?"

16. Clearly, someone is not enjoying this magical moment of intimacy!

17. "All right, all right, he's bigger than me and has a lot of fluffy white fur but that does not mean he's better!"

18. Men of every region and age, united by the desire for a single woman

19. This cat also wants someone to hold its hand

20. It's the same dessert you wanted to order but your potential after dinner guilt stopped you!

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