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20 images of perfect timing that you…
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20 images of perfect timing that you will have to look at twice!

July 01, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you have ever taken a sensational photo, that captured a particular moment in time forever, or that was funny, and one of a kind, then we are sure that you have also shown it to everyone, or maybe you have even used it to participate in a photo competition! 

The captured images that we have collected here are the result of a stroke of luck, sometimes by amateurs, sometimes by a more expert hand, but all deserving to be seen, even if just for that moment of astonishment that they provoke.

An astonishing coincidence!

A question of only a few seconds ...


... those seconds that soap bubbles know how to make special!

This is the chosen toilet bowl!

When a friend tries to help you even in desperate situations!


He wanted to dive into the sea but then decided to take flight!

 This looks very much like a "if you don't shut your mouth, I will shut it for you" scenario!

image: Imgur

 What do you imagine he was thinking in that moment?

image: Imgur/drinii



 He also wants to take a picture with them, look at how he gets their attention!

image: Imgur

 Do you recognize the unicorn's cousin?

 No retouching! Just an incredible randomness!

 But what long teeth you have ...

 White eye ...

 High fin!

 See you on the ground!

 The explosion of a firecracker ...

image: Imgur/ceku

 The curious "teeth" of this horse 😜

 Siamese Yorkshires?

 There is something wrong...

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