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6 natural methods to keep flies away…
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6 natural methods to keep flies away without using chemicals


Arriving punctually, like every summer, pesky flies are back to invade our homes, disturbing lunches and dinners, and denying us our restful sleep (in league with mosquitoes).

As much as you try to chase them away by lashing the air with the newspaper, it seems that these insects, once entered, can no longer find the way out --- or simply do not want to take it.

Consequently, if you are not averse to drastic and chemical solutions, there is no reason to surrender to their incessant buzzing! If, however, you do not want to use chemicals, then here are some natural remedies that will gently convince flies to leave your house.

1. Garlic, cinnamon and cayenne pepper

This is not a magic formula, but a sprinkle of these spices on the windowsill will keep flies away!


2. CDs

Hang some CDs together on trees and windows, their reflection of sunlight frightens flies away.

3. Citronella oil and coconut

image: @Ks_Korner

Not the ingredients for an exotic cake, but a mix of citronella essential oil (20-30 drops) and 3 cups of coconut (300 gr) with which to fill small bowls to be placed at strategic points around the house.

4. Vodka and cloves or lavender

Fill a spray bottle with vodka and add some cloves, or alternatively lavender. Just spray in the favorite places flies like to gather to drive them away.


5. Vanilla, mint, and cotton

Put two cotton balls in a jar and add 4 tablespoons of vanilla extract and fresh mint leaves; then cover with gauze and place in areas infested by flies.

6. Essential oils and vinegar

Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water and add 15 drops of an essential oil, chosen from mint, lime, lavender, lemongrass or eucalyptus. Spray as much as you think is necessary in places that are most infested by flies.

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