5 DIY tips that could help keep mice out of the house without having to use harmful chemicals

Shirley Marie Bradby

October 15, 2018

5 DIY tips that could help keep mice out of the house without having to use harmful chemicals

Mice are biologically very fascinating creatures because they are able to adapt to an infinite number of environmental conditions, thereby, colonizing every corner of the planet.

Unfortunately, however, this feature often leads them to clash with human beings. Especially since these rodents love to sneak in and settle down in environments where humans live and eat.

Their presence, in addition to being impossible to bear for those who fear them, is also potentially dangerous, since mice can be very harmful to human health. 

On the market, there are many remedies, more or less cruel, to eliminate them, but we advise against using them for prolonged periods. Furthermore, rat poison left in the garage and then forgotten can become a serious risk for pets or children! 

So here are some less drastic but certainly less risky methods to keep rodents away from your home, your garage, or your camper.


Keep in mind that all the "homemade" remedies against rodents are temporary, and should be replaced every couple of weeks because these animals get used to smells soon!

Keep in mind that all the

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Total cleaning of an environment. Mice are very skilled at taking advantage of any forgetfulness or negligence, and they immediately know if an environment is rarely visited and disturbed. How do they recognize it? Obviously from the smell! Therefore, the first thing to do to keep the rodents away is to clean the rooms and environments thoroughly with perfumed detergents. This will immediately tell rodents that there are other tenants besides them ... and that they have to prepare to pack their bags! 

Cotton balls soaked in peppermint essential oil. Mice hate the pungent odor of garlic, pepper, and peppermint, and tend to stay away from objects that emanate it. Obviously, to use the first two does not seem like a good idea (who would want to live in a house that smells of garlic?), But the third is an excellent solution --- soak cotton balls with peppermint essential oil and place them in corners, under the furniture, and in all the hidden places. They will keep mice away and spread an excellent perfume!

Mini soap bars with a pungent odor. As with cotton balls, you can rely on mini soap bars to discourage these unwanted little guests. Put some mini soap bars, or parts of them, on windowsills or near doors. Remember to choose only strong pungent odors. In fact, if you come across a mint soap bar with a smell so strong as to be almost unbearable, you will have found the right one! 

Dryer sheets. This product, normally used to perfume laundry during drying and remove electrostatic charges, has a very strong smell. If you suspect that rodents can enter your house, then put dryer sheets in the cracks, holes or any other opening. However, remember to replace them every two weeks, as they lose their odor and quickly become ineffective. 

One last tip we want to give you is that if an unwanted guest has already entered your house and you cannot convince it to leave then the next thing to do is to capture it and then release it in open country (please, avoid using glue traps!). Here below, if you want to dabble with a do-it-yourself project, you can find the tutorial to build an effective mousetrap.