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10 economical DIY projects to be copied…
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10 economical DIY projects to be copied immediately to make your cat happy!

June 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Cats, especially if domestic, are known to be lovers of sleep and relaxation. However, when cats are active, they are hunters by nature as well as being extremely curious animals.

Satisfying a cat's desire to investigate, play, and "hunt" is a duty for those who own these fantastic creatures. There are a thousand ways you can make your kitty cat happy while spending very little money, thanks to upcycling and imagination.

Here are some DIY projects that you can replicate at home.

Cats love to put their paws everywhere! Put them to the test with this game of skill made from a plastic container with a lid.

These mesh net object holders will become your feline's best friends! Give it a try!


By making strips from old cardboard boxes you can create a scratching pad pedestal for your cat!

Do not forget to create places where your cat can sharpen its nails! By wrapping some rope around the legs of chairs and tables, you will secure and protect the more delicate furniture such as the sofa.

A simple stool turned into a paradise for cats.

Even when you are not there, it will still get its cuddles!

A sturdy piece of cloth and some shelves --- your cat will thank you!

Did you know that cats love to climb?

Here is a DIY cat scratch board! Another very economical way to create spaces that are very cat-friendly!

Last but not least, do not forget that these animals love to sleep! Therefore, with a wicker basket cat bed like this, they will feel comfortable and also protected!

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