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25 photos that need to be observed more…
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25 photos that need to be observed more carefully to be understood

June 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes, it happens that the eyes can play some bad jokes, leading us to see something that in reality is very different!

In fact, an unusual perspective, improbable positions, the play of lights, and reflections from mirrors are often responsible for these sensational visions.

However,  it is usually enough to just pause a few seconds and take a closer look in order to once again perceive the real shape of things, and discover the deception!

In some cases, however, it would be impossible to understand what you are looking at without an explanation ... for example, what about the following captured images?

1. An enigmatic hotel ...

 2. A granite obelisk in Prague merges with the sky


3. A cloud ... explodes, but it is not toxic!

4. Not two, but three soccer players ...

5. It looks like a plate of glass, but it's actually a mirror!


6. Female arm wrestling

7. How to solve the problem of vertigo and get a fantastic photo! ;)


8. A suggestion for a fun shot at the beach!

9. When father and son are alike ... and you cannot tell them apart!


10. The discovery that it is a real field of rice, and not a reflection, makes the image even more incredible!

11. Chronicle of alien basketball

12. Wooden dentures for your dog!

13. It's really just a picture ...

image: Durkss/reddit

14. This coin is not transparent, but only well balanced on the ring and ... it is very shiny!

 15. Give yourself a loving hug!

16. A window on another world ... or just a mirror?

17. Two joggers on a beach ...

18. An inspiration for the next blockbuster film?

 19. A backside that commands attention ...

20. Not even Hitchcock had dared to imagine so much ...

21. Perhaps they are inseparable brothers, but just not Siamese!

22. Which of you would hire this same photographer for your wedding?

23. Micky Mouse, now retired, in a waiting room.

24. What a chicken!

25. Black cats do not bring bad luck, but smiles instead!

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