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20+ photos of cats that show they do…
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20+ photos of cats that show they do not have the faintest idea of ​​what a bed is!

May 20, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That cats are funny, cute, and loving animals is known by all those who have one. But that their tendency to create mischief has no limit is something that many people still do not believe.

In addition, it is well known that cats love to rest. In fact, they sleep almost 16 hours a day and perhaps this is why they often change the places where they take their naps!

The fact is that most of the time their choice falls on very questionable places, where no other living being would be able to sleep ... But this does not stop cats!

This snack box was emptied just in time for a nap ...

image: Reddit

The expression of the dog is that of someone who has completely surrendered so as to eventually be able to improve their condition ...

image: Reddit

Rule number 1 --- the narrower the place, then the more pleasing it is.

Pampering is the best sleeping pill.

image: Reddit

And so now the lady owner will not have any salad ...

image: Reddit

Soon that bowl will no longer be good for a nap!

"'Hey you, what are you looking at?"


A lined boot is perfect for a nap.

Used first for the cat's nap, then its owners' dinner.


Trust me, for those who have cats these scenes are normal!

In the absence of larger spaces, this will do just fine.

The place they love most for a few minutes rest.

 "In any case, this plant does not need to be watered ..."

Also with a nice support for the head!

 Box = sleep.

We hope it's not in distress!

This cat has mistaken a handbag for a soft bed.

Mum indicates the most suitable places to sleep.

image: Imgur

Do not surrender to reality!

image: Imgur

What if it was something else that made him fall asleep?

image: Reddit

Apparently a proximity to shoes is preferred when it comes to taking a nap.

His owners left this box especially for him.

Perfect fit!

image: Imgur

Do you think that in the end he will be able to get inside?

Never give up on the first try!

Here is a catfish in the flesh.

And with bigger "cats", their behavior still does not change!

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