They find a box while renovating their house and opening it they discover how lucky they are! -
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They find a box while renovating their…
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They find a box while renovating their house and opening it they discover how lucky they are!


This story is an example of that good fortune that we would all love to experience first hand but that happens to only a few, in real life!

Case in point is a young American couple struggling with the renovation of their house who just by chance found hidden under the ceiling of their basement two antique-looking metal boxes.

After opening them, the young couple soon realized that, perhaps, they had just received a big help in paying their mortgage loan!

It all started with the dismantling of the wooden panels that covered the basement ceiling ...

When they understood the extent of the discovery they had just made the husband and wife took pictures of the environment where it happened.

A common basement in a house built in the 1940s. Here is the place where the first metal box was found.


And this is what the box looked like when the husband pulled it down from the ceiling. What is hidden inside?

Let's find out ...

In addition to several packets of waxed paper, there were pages from a newspaper dated March 25, 1951.


And other individual packages that immediately let them see the content ...

Yes, the metal box contained some packets of American banknotes! But the packets of cash were not all $20 dollar bills ...


There were also $50 and $100 dollar bills!

The spouses knew that they would have to consult a lawyer, to understand if the money could be considered their property, and they also contacted an expert in numismatics who could tell to them if some of the banknotes were of particular value.

The surprises, however, were not finished. About a week later, the husband found another metal box, hidden in another place in the ceiling!


Just by touching the metal box, it was understood that its weight was greater than the first one!

And indeed it contained many more banknotes!

What is the total value of their discovery?

After confirming that the money now belonged to them, the husband and wife also discovered that ten of the banknotes they had found were considered to be special and had a quadruple value of the one printed on them. In total, the couple was able to make a deposit to the tune of 45 thousand dollars in the bank! What fantastic good luck!


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