25 marketing "tricks" that teach us…
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25 marketing "tricks" that teach us to always keep our eyes open!

May 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Advertising, of course, aims to sell products by making them appear as captivating as possible.

Although, we all know it, still every time we continue to trust representations and images ... that do not always correspond to what we actually bought.

From the large packages twice the size of the objects they contain to the usual old trick of microscopic writing, we have collected for you some images captured by 25 consumers who found themselves a bit perplexed.

Another quarter of perfume? No, just glass.

Huge delusions come from large packs.


Chocolate or ... fossil?

Where is the cherry filling?!

A surprise waiting for you behind the label.


It would seem that 25% more refers to the box.

When your expectations are already low but the reality disappoints you anyway.



There is a small hollow space at the base of the dispenser container ...


The big vs. the small label.

A spacious box with a small window at the bottom.

The attack of the clones --- it is exactly the same as the photo on the package.

Strategic arrangement of sandwich ingredients.

Thanks for the discount, but if you keep it up you'll go out of business!

Don't those mountains seem a little too far apart?

At the bottom in that space there should be some balm!

These darts do not look so good from a side profile!

Save literally zero thanks to a sale!

A roll of stickers consisting of a single strip.

A little icon reveals how much ice you actually bought.

Those famous flyers that look like money.

Four dollars an hour? Put your glasses on and read what is written at the bottom on the right.

Modeling clay arranged on three layers of cardboard.

Reinterpreting a six-pack.

More than a just a package --- it is an optical illusion.

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