Do Not Throw Away Empty Paint Buckets! Here Are 18 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Them! -
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Do Not Throw Away Empty Paint Buckets!…
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Do Not Throw Away Empty Paint Buckets! Here Are 18 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Them!


Are you looking for a new upcycling project? Try to take a look in your garage (or your cellar) and tell us if you do not discover at least one wall paint bucket set aside, who knows when that is now ready to be used as raw material ... Here it is!

Yes, because with a 5 US gallon (14-liter) bucket, you can obtain many useful items for the home or gardening, as well as create items of your own do-it-yourself design.  Here are some ideas that will convince you to always put these buckets aside for future use! 

You can find the link to the explanations of the individual projects in the credit placed under each photograph.

1. A feeder for a chicken coop.

2. A swing seat for a do-it-yourself baby swing.

image: Instructables

3. Create a stool with a cushion.

image: pinterest

Find the tutorial here:

4. Build a birdhouse!

5. DIY upcycled bucket rocket stove


6. Container for making compost tea.

7.Plant cultivation with an aquaponics system.

image: instructables

8. A support for a large umbrella stand for a patio table.


9. The base for a garden table.


10. DIY double shelf round side tables


11. Portable camping toilet with toilet paper holder.


12. A mega collector for colored pens and pencils and other art supplies.

13. Solar-powered air conditioner ... Only for those with some practical experience!

 14. Buckets for growing tomatoes ... upside down!

We've talked about it here.

15. Mini-greenhouse to protect your plants.

16. A camping shower.

17. Dispensers for plastic bags.

image: desertsun02

18. Build a mini-rice paddy!

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