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25 Cases When Giving A Hotel A Bad Review…
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25 Cases When Giving A Hotel A Bad Review Is Completely Justified!


When traveling, it is very important to choose carefully the hotel where you are going to stay.

In fact, those who have had a bad experience with accommodation, dirty rooms, unfriendly owners or frauds, know how much this can negatively affect a vacation that is supposed to be fun and relaxing.

Of course, deciding whether a hotel is good or not is a very subjective matter, but there are certain things that cannot or should not be ignored or overlooked.

Here are some examples why these hotels definitely deserved to receive a bad review.

It would be nice to have a coffee if the machine had a cord that was a little bit longer.

There was no better place to put a roll of toilet paper.


This hotel reasons in terms of savings.

Here they have rather confusing ideas ...

Beware of where you put your feet when you get out of the shower!


Room with a panoramic view ... of the bathroom.

Who knows what happens in the other room if you unplug this ...


A "secure" safe bolted into a removable drawer?!?

Ideal for putting on your make-up.


In this room there are two pictures ... quite disturbing.

Who is the architect who designed this hotel?

Surely, this fridge will not overheat!

Do not complain if the wardrobe you received is not very large ... There are those who have received worse!

If that's a security camera, then it's not nice at all ...

When you are undecided whether to take a double or a single.

Doesn't that look a little too short?

A door that closes two rooms.

 This means give special attention to the customer.

This hotel must have an agreement with the local hospital.

When you finally find a strong Wi-fi signal.

On the hotel pillows they have a "palm tree" icon that looks exactly like a spider.

When the table design is very similar to the motif on the key card.

This game should be called "Search for the sockets and light switches in your room".

A very special shower head.

The hotelier wanted to make him believe he was the one who was too big.

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March 25, 2014

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