16 people with physical features so special that they seem unreal 

by Shirley Marie Bradby

April 25, 2018

16 people with physical features so special that they seem unreal 

More and more often fashion agencies today engage all types of models with the most particular physical characteristics that can be imagined.

In fact, people of every color, size, and physical peculiarity are able to make fashion and modeling their profession, thanks to social media that allow them to be advertised more directly than ever before and to let the choices of the experts who are searching for new faces also be influenced by the followers' tastes.

In this gallery, you will see people with such unique characteristics that you will easily understand why they light up the screen and enchant those who watch them.


1. Two twins with eyes that are, to say the least ... bewitching!

1. Two twins with eyes that are, to say the least ... bewitching!



2. This is not a doll or a mannequin, but a real model and artist in the flesh and blood!

Kseniya Rain

3. More and more albino models are making their way onto international catwalks.

Un post condiviso da Shaun Ross (@shaundross) in data:


4. Even those affected by vitiligo are learning not to hide but to instead show their beauty.


5. Hair dyed with pastel colors, light eyes, and dark complexion --- this model certainly does not go unnoticed!

Un post condiviso da Bee (@melvnin) in data:

Instagram/ melvnin


6. Grandfather, father, and daughter --- genetics do not lie!

Instagram/ domineckamarkova

7. A model whose physical features derive from triple descendents: Vietnamese, French, and Senegalese.

Un post condiviso da Willy Cartier (@willycartier) in data:



8. A very particular face --- not only due to the freckles but for the facial features in general!

Un post condiviso da BBYRAT (@oddfreckles) in data:


9. A discoloration in her right eye that she has had since birth and that makes her really special!



10. Another lucky model with heterochromia of the eyes.

Un post condiviso da Mr.Lucky (@officialmekhilucky_) in data:


11. Shape and color of the eyes --- this is what we meant when we talk about "lighting up the screen"!

Un post condiviso da Katya Mirо (@katyamiro) in data:



12. A specific form of albinism is widespread in Japan, but this young girl has no intention of making it a problem, on the contrary!

Un post condiviso da tenbo_models (@tenbo_models) in data:


13. A wild beauty.



14. Heterochromic eyes and freckles --- here is another model with particular traits!


15. This model could easily represent the human version of Merida, the protagonist of the blockbuster animated feature film "Brave"!



16. The beauty of the late Raudha Athif, who did not have time to conquer the world ...


Unfortunately, this young model paid with her life for her desire to emancipate herself. In fact, in 2017 she was the victim of an assault by Islamic fundamentalists who would not tolerate her Western lifestyle and her choice to become a successful model.