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27 times when watchdogs turned out to…
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27 times when watchdogs turned out to be total cowards!

April 19, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The domestic dog became a part of human life as a companion to help humankind in hunting and in guarding homes and villages. 

Even today many dogs function as guards in homes when the owner is absent or asleep, and for this reasoncertain breeds or large-sized dogs are chosen.

However, to think that the courage of a dog is directly proportional to its size is a mistake. Here is the evidence that "big" can often mean "coward"!

We know that Jack Russel dogs are like little earthquakes! Evidently, this other dog, even though it is much larger, thinks that hiding from them is the best thing to do!

The Roomba, an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner is the number one enemy of pet dogs!


"My 85 lb dog (40 kg) is afraid of a 1.5 lb (600 grams) kitten!

"A mouse had entered the house ..."

"Help, little monsters are on my heels!"


To be frighten ... by literally nothing!

This is high treason! They told their dog that they were going to the park, instead they took him to the vet!


Not everyone likes to fly ...

He will never get over the trauma ...


And you, aren't you scared of your birthday, too?

When they take advantage of the goodness of their owners ...

This dog's expression says a lot about how his owner drives ...

Will dogs ever make peace with the vacuum cleaner?

Being afraid of practically everything ...

A hug to overcome the trauma caused by the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

At the pet shop ... There were too many animals, and this puppy tried to hide on the last empty shelf.

So many, in fact, too many leaves that move are very scary ...

"And I am supposed to share my dog bed with him?'

Verify that there is no longer any danger ...

A real bunker to hide in!

Beyond that step on the stairs, this dog will absolutely not go, until somebody comes to move the vacuum cleaner out of the way ...

First trip by car --- very scary!

"I had to console my 90-pound (41 kg) dog because he was terrified by the noise of the chainsaw in the garden."

"Remove that bird from my presence!"

What is he so afraid of?

This little puppy is afraid of the shadow in the hallway ...

Another victim of the vacuum cleaner ...

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