These 21 pictures demonstrate that our world is actually better than we think -
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These 21 pictures demonstrate that our…
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These 21 pictures demonstrate that our world is actually better than we think

April 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes the world and the society in which we live may seem cynical and uncaring of others.

But what if instead of focusing our attention on how much bad happens around us, we took into consideration the small but positive things that we witness, then we would begin to see the world through different eyes.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what we want to try to do with these 21 captured images that are simple, but rich in meaning ... If you are able to read the small, but powerful message enclosed within each one.

An innocent meeting between different cultures

A friendship that has no age! A 22-year-old young man from Harlem travels to Florida to meet his friend with whom he has been in contact online for one year!


Dogs in the office? In this case not only can they enter, but they can even become a mascot, like little Jack!

A dad imparts a valuable lesson to his son by saving this little birdie from a spider's web, now it can fly away and be free ...

In this pizzeria, the waitress shows the customer how to order online. Why? Because in this way the customer can save money!


This bus driver had to work on New Year's Eve ... and so his family spent the evening with him, on the bus!

A dog decides to save the life of a poor kitten during a flood in Bosnia!

image: leverkine

A man left a note on his car saying that others could park and block his car because he would be out all day. On his return, he found a thank-you note and $5 to "buy yourself a sweet treat".

This is not just a dog, but an emotional support animal (ESA) which is a companion animal for people with disabilities.


And when everyone thought this Monarch butterfly would never fly again, this woman shows her humanity and compassion ...

When a husband places bread crumbs for birds so that they form an affectionate greeting for his wife!

In this shop, people donate clothes for other people who want to get back on track and find a job --- starting with having a successful job interview!

The same woman 22 years later! During this lapse of time she has managed to fight drug addiction and a long period of living on the streets.

After three years on the streets as a homeless person, here are the possessions of a man, who is proud because what he now has was acquired with patience and honesty.

This dog went missing in the city but fortunately the police are taking it back home!

When a friend (even if they are unknown) can't take it anymore --- here's a shoulder to lean on!

Good-hearted and kind neighbors who in this case are the ones with the "right tool" for shoveling snow and they come to the rescue!

A house turned into a fairytale house after three days of abundant snowfall.

They asked for volunteer fathers for 50 boys without fathers for a father-son breakfast in an elementary school ... and 600 men volunteered!

This dog barked non-stop for 30 minutes in the middle of the night, but it had a good reason! The dog wanted to get his owner's attention because there was a gas leak!

And here is everything a dog could ever dream of having --- captured in one image!

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