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5 tips to clean your washing machine…
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5 tips to clean your washing machine using natural methods

April 16, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If when you take out your laundry from the washing machine, the smell is not pleasant, it may be that the solution is not to change the fabric softener, but to clean the washing machine!

As a matter of fact, after numerous washes, an accumulation of dirt and lime, along with various kinds of germs, can build up in the washing machine. 

But today, we will show you five useful and easy tips to follow to clean your washing machine with practical and easy methods.

After following these guidelines, you will see that your laundry has a completely different smell!

1. After the washing has been completed, always remember to leave open the washer door for several minutes, so that mold and germs do not flourish so easily! The same advice applies to the dispenser for the laundry powder or liquid laundry detergent, also leave it open so that the moisture can evaporate. 

2. You know that rubber door seal on the washing machine door that collects all the coins and trinkets left by mistake in pants pockets that have been washed? Well, it needs to be cleaned every 6-8 weeks. Just use a common detergent and then rinse and dry with a cloth.

image: Pixabay

3. The dispenser dedicated to laundry detergent, whether liquid or powder form, has to be cleaned regularly. You can remove it and wash it separately. Another good tip is to use vinegar to remove any germs present.  

4. If you notice calcified residue, that means that it is time to proceed with a thorough cleaning of the washing machine drum. Just use citric acid or vinegar, and insert 7-8 tablespoons directly into the drum (of course, without any laundry) and then start a wash cycle, this way you can descale the washing machine and prolong its life!

image: Pixabay

5. Another very important thing not to forget is the fluff filter. Ideally, you should clean it every two months or so. Just empty it and clean it well and remember to try to do this regularly! This is one of the key steps to allow the washer to last as long as possible, as well as helping to wash dirty laundry in a more hygienic and economical way.

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