She lost part of her hair in a few seconds, now she wants to warn other women about this very common risk! -
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She lost part of her hair in a few seconds,…
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She lost part of her hair in a few seconds, now she wants to warn other women about this very common risk!


Before turning to a mechanic, many of us try to solve the mechanical problems of our cars on our own. Many think that it is not necessary to be a mechanic, in fact, some old notions learned at school while getting our driver's license might turn out to be useful. 

This is what Alon Abare thought too, hoping to save some money. Therefore, she started the engine and opened the car hood, but she made a very simple mistake that changed her life!

image: YouTube

Today, Alon has decided to tell her story publicly so that no one else will make the same mistake and underestimate, as she did, a small detail. It is a lesson to really take to heart. 

It all began when Alon's car started to manifest some problems. She did not have enough money saved to get the car checked by a mechanic. So, she decided to open the hood of her car and check herself to see what was wrong, in an attempt to identify the problem more easily.

image: YouTube

Once the engine was started and the bonnet opened, she bent down to see better and ... her head was suddenly sucked inside. She had no idea what was going on, but then she explained she experienced the most pain she had ever felt in her entire life.

Fortunately, her children immediately started screaming and running from door to door in the neighborhood asking for help. Without their immediate help, most likely Alon would not have survived.

image: YouTube

When Alon arrived at the hospital, the doctors revealed the cause of her near fatal accident --- her long hair got wrapped around the engine cooling fan belt. A small detail that she had not given the slightest thought to or that perhaps she had simply underestimated. 

That near fatal mistake has cost her numerous surgical operations and a very high hospital bill due to the cost of the operations. Her children were almost orphaned and on top of her car suffered further damage to the engine. After all this, Alon wants to inform as many women as possible of this simple but very dangerous eventuality.

image: YouTube

She told her story in a video posted on Youtube, to send a message to all women so that no one else will make the same mistake.

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