She heals her acne with natural methods in 30 days and today this method helps thousands of people! -
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She heals her acne with natural methods…
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She heals her acne with natural methods in 30 days and today this method helps thousands of people!

April 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Having clean skin is the goal of thousands of people, however, acne and uneven skin color are a problem that can haunt us for years, especially if not properly treated.

Drugs, radical diets, expensive cosmetic products, and even bothersome treatments --- every weapon is lawful against acne.

Nevertheless, Brianna Lopez seems to have succeeded by using only natural products and has posted on her Instagram account the result of the change and she has been rewarded with thousands of likes.

Un post condiviso da Brianna Lopez (@briannagabrielaa) in data:

Brianna is a Los Angeles model, and she too, like so many other people, has had to fight acne. Interviewed in this regard, she said: "It was a difficult time for me and I did not want to see anyone, not even my parents." There are obviously worse things than acne, but sometimes even just having damaged skin can turn one's life into a nightmare. That's why Brianna has chosen to share with everyone the products that she used to cure her acne.

Facial cleansing with oil

The first step in caring for your face is cleansing. Brianna used Joboba oil, a fluid wax obtained from squeezing seeds from a plant, called Simmondsia chinensis. She applied it to her facial skin with massaging movements and then dried her face with a warm cloth or towel. For each cleansing, it is necessary to repeat this massage procedure two times with Joboba oil.


Application of a face mask

After cleansing her face with oil, Brianna applied a mask on her face made from two teaspoons of raw honey mixed together with cinnamon and turmeric (half a teaspoon for each ingredient). Once the mask is applied, it must be left for an entire hour.

Sometimes Brianna uses a mask made of sulfur ointment or bentonite clay. Both in fact, have a soothing effect on the skin. She applies one of these masks (after applying the one with honey) only on the days she intends to put on make-up.

Hydration of the skin

The next step is skin hydration. Brianna used a face serum made from rose hips and carrot oil, adding a few drops of essential lavender oil. Use these products only when you have to put on makeup and apply them using dabbing motions on your face.


Battle against acne scars

Skin hydration follows the application of shea butter, the night before going to bed. Brianna said she never skipped this step, and that among all the products applied on her face she considers it the most important.

Taking vegetable supplements

The last step followed by Brianna for the treatment of her acne involves the intake of supplements based on plants, namely, turmeric, milk thistle, algae, tree bark and Neem leaves. Before taking them in any case, it is good to consult your doctor first and take a test that excludes any allergies (keep in mind that a balanced diet rich in vegetables is always better than supplements).


All the products used by Brianna contain exclusively natural ingredients. She claimed to have noticed the first improvements after just one week of treatment, but, anyway, after only two months her skin is practically perfect again.

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