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A dolphin creates a circle of sand in…
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A dolphin creates a circle of sand in the sea and shortly after the camera films a fascinating phenomenon!

April 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We know very well that dolphins are very intelligent animals. In fact, we often see them during the shows organized by various aquarium theme parks, in which the dolphins perform pirouettes and respond to the commands of their trainer.

Needless to say, however, it is in nature where they give the best of themselves. Even when not in captivity, in fact, dolphins exploit their intelligence, especially to hunt for food.

Here is a video, that helps us understand just how cunning these sea animals really are! In fact, recently experts have discovered that they have much in common with human intelligence.

A group of dolphins reaches a low water level zone and one of them starts to swim near the sandy bottom and begins to raise the sand with the movements of its tail and fins.

In the beginning, you do not understand why the dolphin is doing this. You probably think that it is a moment when the dolphins are getting ready to play which happens very frequently in the life of dolphins, also for those living in the open sea. 

It is only after a few moments that one understands its behavior as the other dolphins of the group come closer --- and when dozens of fish start to jump out of the water!

The only way for the fish to escape the swirl created by the dolphin is to jump out of the water, which is exactly what this group of hunters was waiting for because they set this trap for their prey --- while employing the minimum amount of energy required. 

Here is where the intelligence of the dolphins can be found! Not only have they devised an infallible strategy to get food, but they have managed to do it without too much effort.

Do not miss the video! Check it out so you can see this hunting secret that these super smart dolphins put into action!


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