These photos prove without a doubt that cats are made of liquid material -
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These photos prove without a doubt that…
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These photos prove without a doubt that cats are made of liquid material


If you have a cat at home, you will have noticed their unbridled love for cardboard boxes, and in general, for anything they can squeeze into!

The size does not really matter, because cats are ready to display another incredible ability of their body, which is to mimic the behavior of fluid or liquid material.

Just think of water! It adapts to any container in which it is poured, and this is the same thing cats do. Here is a gallery of funny pictures of cats pretending to be liquid!

This cat is literally "melting" ...

You know when ice cream melts in the sun? Well, here it is.


Would you like a sniffer of cat-brandy?

Evidently, this is the perfect place to take a cat nap!

This cat has squeezed into this box ... and now it's rectangular!


A feline cappuccino!

Here someone has filled the sink ... with the cat!


When you fill the glass to the brim ...

" Quick! Get some rags, the cat is liquefying!"


They had a bet with the owner that the two cats would both enter the container, and so it was!

No really, it's very comfortable!

An expert contortionist!

The passion of cats for hollow objects is endless ...

"Well, since I'm here, I'll have a snack!'

image: Reddit
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