These 22 photos show that huskies are not only charming, but also very expressive -
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These 22 photos show that huskies are…
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These 22 photos show that huskies are not only charming, but also very expressive

April 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Huskies are among those breeds of dogs that those who know them well either love them or consider them to be excessively demanding.

These animals love being in the family (even if they need to be trained and educated regarding roles) and are always ready to play, but suffer a lot if they are left home alone and they are also very good at being mischievous.

Therefore, given their size, when this happens it is likely that the damage is considerable and clearly visible, nevertheless, they remain adorable!

By the way, have we told you that they are unusually expressive? ...

The whole family goes to the cinema and stays away for three hours and on their return, they find THIS ... But at least this Husky knows he should never get up on the bed!

image: bobbyinavolvo

Here you see a very nice Husky-cat!


Are you pretending to play with me by throwing those stupid balls? I could kill you with my eyes!

image: Husky Anuko

A well-sorted litter!

image: r_gavin09

His first kangaroo and he is so thrilled!


This husky is very happy with the new arrival ...

image: MaedayMaeday

Here we adapt to the presence of cats.


Someone here is not happy with the situation ...

Pure joy in one look!


Brother and sister.

image: Portera2767

When they decide to do something ... then they teach it to others too!

Can you do this with your tongue?

image: maruhusky

Husky families know how to be very united.

image: vinkulelu

These dogs also know how to smile!

image: IManLiquid

How much would you laugh if you were welcomed like that?

image: RWails

Just trying to get some shut-eye ...

image: MrGrieves787

Give tjem some land to run free on and ...

image: HellBetty42

Are they holding hands or are they about to evoke their ancestors?

While the owner struggles, he is relaxing!

image: Reddit/Dalani

Every family has its prankster!

Scenes of ordinary madness

image: reddit

What are you doing up there ???

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