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15 magical photos that will please the…
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15 magical photos that will please the perfectionist in you

February 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The opportunity to take a picture in which the subject and the surrounding environment seem to merge into a single entity can be random as well as sought after --- but the captured image you get always looks very special.

After all, even when it is not just a coincidence, we must still have the ability to observe and discover what makes that photo so particular!

In the cases of the images in this photo gallery, the moment and the angle have been chosen well and the images that have been obtained are so beautiful that they do not need any tweaks!

If you have a black cat, this is the gadget for him at every visit to the vet!

Where does the dog end and the gravel begin?


A truly fortuitous color combination!

The sea, the beach, the umbrellas ... Is this person the designer of the shoe?

image: Instagram

Jeans that are the same color as the sea!

Un post condiviso da August Östberg (@augustostberg) in data:


"My jet has arrived."

Un post condiviso da Richard Felix (@richinframes) in data:

Looking at the world through the eyes of another ...

image: _oliviasteel_

A touch and she becomes a mermaid!

image: todebells

It took 15 attempts jumping backward to capture this image ... but it was definitely worth it!

image: josiahwg

Matching the sea and the beach is fashionable ... no doubt!

image: Instagram

When undecided ... just follow the rainbow!

Un post condiviso da Ty Newcomb (@eye.of.ty) in data:

image: eye.of.ty

Simply wonderful!

Un post condiviso da Mørch Foto 🇳🇴 (@m0rch) in data:

image: m0rch

A champion of bodybuilding? 😜

image: zarte_brust

If I could be a human, I'd like to ...

image: Instagram

See the extraordinary in the ordinary ...

Un post condiviso da Zaid Salman (@yourworldmylens) in data:


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