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17 items of clothing that will certainly…
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17 items of clothing that will certainly turn heads as you walk down the street


Everyone who is passionate about fashion and style knows that every now and then you have to be daring and experiment with new things in order to stand out and have a very personal style.

Well, perhaps the people you see portrayed here below have taken this fashion rule a little too literally! Each of their clothes or accessories is really out of the ordinary, if not to say unique.

It is not every day, in fact, that you see sandwich-shaped flip flops or a hat that has the look and shape of a human brain!

Reminding you that variety is the spice of life, we invite you to enjoy this entertaining photo gallery!

1. Everyone at the party will be envious of this shirt!

2. When one brain is not enough for you ...


3. Softness and brutality at the same time ...

4. To be sensual in every situation ...

5. Do you want to put your safety at risk walking on six high heels?


6. "And they are also waterproof and easy to clean ..."

7. Why settle for just one type of fabric?


8. Maybe you will scare someone, but you will certainly get yourself noticed!

9. Trendy and disturbing at the same time ...

Un post condiviso da Cirera3D2Y (@cirera3d2y) in data:


10. A very sober costume

11. If you are a person who suffers a lot from the cold, it's perfect!

12. And what would happen if you had to close the windows?

13. From pants to shorts ... with these tracksuit bottoms!

14. Yes! I want this one ...

15. Who knows what the rest of the menu offers ...

16. With this jacket you will never feel alone!

17. Who said that housecleaning is not funny?

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