Now dark circles are in fashion: the…
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Now dark circles are in fashion: the new trend is to draw them with lipstick

January 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have we turned to our trusted beautician or have we resorted to face skin creams to hide our imperfections? We have all done it at least once in our life, convinced that hiding would be better than showing imperfections off. Sara Carstens, a very popular web influencer on social media, has kicked off a new feminine makeup trend that is only apparently trivial, but which instead says more than a thousand words.

via: Insider

Sara Carstens is very popular on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and thanks to her popularity and her many followers, she has started a very interesting makeup trend; to try to emphasize the imperfections of the face, such as dark circles. Sara has published a short but simple tutorial on how to emphasize them thanks to the use of a dark lipstick.

In reality, in addition to having fun with make-up, there is much more behind it: emphasising dark circles thanks to the use of a lipstick is a trend with a great and liberating meaning. Yes, because by emphasizing the blemishes and imperfections on your face, you completely embrace all the hidden beauty of your natural charm.

A charm that, all too often, in the female universe is buried under a good amount of creams and beauty products and for the care and pampering of one's body.


Certainly, the makeup trend Sara started has made her popular with her followers, who have made the hashtag #eyebags jump to the top of Instagram and TikTok trends.

Well done!

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