A talented hairdresser shows how liberating…
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A talented hairdresser shows how liberating it can be to take a drastic cut to your hair

January 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Cutting one's hair is an act of pampering not only towards one's appearance but also towards one's self-esteem; many women, especially those who have always proudly sported their long hair, have over time thought of changing their lives, and with it their looks too; this meant making a clean and drastic cut to their hair, which went from long to very short. The Russian hairdresser Kristina Katsabina was responsible for refreshing the look of these brave women.

This talented hairdresser who lives and works in Moscow has specialized in women's hairstyles

So much so that now her clientele has increased since she decided to open an official Instagram channel


In her channel, Kristina compares images of her clients before and after cutting their hair

And the flowing locks gradually disappear to give way to shorter and more trendy hair

Kristina doesn't mind that people judge some new looks as less feminine ...


These apparently drastic cuts are actually the result of a positive choice by her customers...

These women and girls have decided they want to totally change their look, starting with their hairstyles


Without paying any attention to those who think long hair is more feminine, and with a good dose of initiative and courage!

It is not true that women with short hair are less feminine, and this Kristina knows well!


Carry on checking out the stylish creations of this talented Russian hairdresser:

What do you think? Would you also like to make a drastic change without considering too much what others might think?

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