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15 women who decided to show off a super…
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15 women who decided to show off a super short cut without caring about the opinions of others

January 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It doesn't matter if you feel more comfortable with long or short hair, the important thing is to know how to feel good, but first of all you should be comfortable with yourself. Yes, because all too often other people's judgment clouds our reason, convincing us that the dress does not suit, those extra pounds need to be shed, or that that haircut was not feminine enough. However, these brave women decided that they would no longer listen to the voices of others and would cut their hair: from long to very short, and now they are delighted with their decisions!

A big difference, isn't it?

She decided to go even shorter, but the result is just as enchanting!


Such elegance!

This girl is definitely feeling more comfortable now!

Before...and after!


Short hair, or in this case shaved, is a choice and not necessarily a constraint!

The important thing is to be happy!


She was obliged to go short by chemotherapy ... but she's still beautiful!

A very drastic change!


You need to know how to carry off short hair!

Like this gorgeous girl, who has decided on a sharp bob to change her look!

Look at the happiness in this girl's eyes!

Simply stunning!

Her new hairstyle is truly extraordinary, our compliments to the hairdresser!

Now that's just beautiful!

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