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13 photos with disarming tenderness…
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13 photos with disarming tenderness that can brighten even the dullest day


Have you ever received an act of unexpected kindness and kept thinking about it the whole day?

Such as, a person who lets you move up the line in front of them, or who gives you back something of yours that fell out of your bag, or even a simple smile at the right time.

Being polite and kind is the noblest thing that a person can give to another person. In fact, it is only in this way, giving without demanding anything in return, that a genuine mutual respect is established. 

Before telling us about an act of kindness you received (or why not, given!), take a few minutes to read these stories that will warm your heart and, perhaps, will make you reflect more about the value of simple courtesy.

"For thirty years my grandmother used the same plastic plates for Christmas dinner, last year there were only 7 left, so this year she decided to frame them and give them to each of her grandchildren. It was the best gift that I have received this year!"

"It took my father three months to find and collect 47 bottles of Coca-Cola, each with the name of a family member! This thoughtful Christmas gift was really touching!"


"This young man is a mentally disabled person, and his brother published a post asking for help to give this young man his favorite game. The Internet did a lot more, and his social network contacts donated the whole series and he was really very happy!"

"My father has been diagnosed with the first signs of Alzheimer's disease.This year I brought my new dog to my parents' house, and when my father saw him he said,"I know I will forget many things, but I will never forget him ..." 

"This year, instead of the usual gifts, we decided to give us ourselves this beautiful kitten."


"Today a total stranger left me a $200 tip. With that money, my wife and I were able to decorate a Christmas tree and buy some presents for our children.Thank you, stranger, we will never forget your kind gesture."

"My father received as a gift what he wanted most --- a Lego construction set!"


"Two surgeons exhausted after a successful 32-hour brain operation."

image: Bmc00/reddit

"Our dog was hit by a car and left badly injured in the street, but now, he rests with his young owner, after having undergone an operation."

image: unknown/imgur

"A police officer and his new colleague!"

"A stranger left a small gift to all the dogs in the neighborhood!"

"In Russia, a woman was sitting in front of a torn seat on a bus, and without thinking twice she fixed it on the way to her destination!"

"My mother always wanted to visit the island of Key West, and on the occasion of their twenty-fourth wedding anniversary, my father took her there and together they were able to watch their first sunset over the ocean."


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