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28 hateful packaging designs created…
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28 hateful packaging designs created specifically to annoy consumers

February 10, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In many countries, there are laws that state that labels and product packaging should not mislead the consumer.

Yet, even when manufactures warn customers that the images are "for purely illustrative purposes", there are still cases in which the consumer is terribly and deliberately deceived!

Whether it concerns the size of the food product, or its form or shape, this photo gallery will make you feel the disappointment and dismay that some buyers have experienced when they opened packages of food products that they could not wait to eat.

It reads that the package contains 12 pieces ... But you cannot get them out unless you cut open the package with a knife!

A plastic cup full of gummy bears ... or so the buyer thought!

image: ethandrzb

Gluten-free and organic ... But the information on the back of the package says the exact opposite!

image: TestZero

We give you two free hot dogs, they say ...

image: ilushkin

But actually how long are these shrimps ...?


A rope for climbing ... that is not suitable for climbing ... very useful!

They are undecided about the exact percentages.

image: hockeychick96

You need to redistribute the slices of salami before cooking the pizza!

image: ItsAlexBevan

Can someone give us the confirmation that there were TWO sandwiches in the package?

image: Bjables

It might be easier to hold and eat, but they still cheated on the size!

image: Ahmad_nagy

A nice full tray of chocolates to feast on ...

image: Judithsins

The blue color in the red tube! How many people have bought the wrong one?!

image: bennythomson

64 crayons of the same color!? ...

The object that easily opens all kinds of packaging ... If you can open its own!

image: egdip

Do we realize just how subtle and deceptive the minds behind this way of packaging a product can be?!

image: thektulu7

10% olive oil and 90% sunflower oil, but according to them, this is extra virgin olive oil!

image: AsterJ

Radiator coolant sold in a container that looks exactly like a beer can! This is definitely not a good packaging idea!

image: freakame

When the packaging for pills that help you sleep better is identical to the one that contains laxative pills to eliminate constipation ...

Arizona, America, Canada ... the geography confuses us!

image: Based_Tyler

Disappointment and wasteful packaging.

image: Kimonas_K

Typical situation of cosmetic product packaging! Remember to always read the quantity of product you are buying!

image: ToastStatic

Was such a big plastic container really needed?

image: cmbrookins

Do you know why the mesh produce bags for oranges are always red? Because they make the oranges look redder!

An antivirus so simple to install that does not need a CD, and that's okay ... So why sell it in this format?

Do you prefer honey or mustard in your tea?

image: trainerkevin4

A nice big piece of cheese ... No, indeed! It is just a slice!

image: no1uno

Typical packaging for smoked salmon.

image: andy_p10
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