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How are albino people in various parts…
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How are albino people in various parts of the world? Here is the answer!


Albinism is a physical condition resulting from a deficit in the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, which regulates the production of melanin, which in turn acts as a natural sunscreen for our skin.

Those affected are quite recognizable on a physical level, due to the total or partial absence of coloration in their hair and skin.

One of the most important deficits that albinism involves, however, is on a visual level. In fact, albinos are characterized by poor visual acuity, especially in the sunniest periods of the day, and for this reason, many of them cannot take get a driver's license.

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As often happens when there is some form of diversity from the most common models, albinos have been (and still are) the subject of marginalization. For instance, in some African countries, they still suffer from being actually hunted, fueled by prejudices that have to do with witchcraft and alternative medicine. However, albinos are in other countries of the world their figure is often associated with something sinister and mysterious. 

Just think of the false myths that surround them, so imaginative that they lead to science fiction. According to some beliefs, albinos can for example see at night. In reality it is a distortion derived from the fact that they see well in poorly lit places as they are disturbed by the light of the sun: they therefore see better in the semi-darkness, but certainly not at night!

Another belief is that albinos have dark and supernatural powers. This belief arose from the fact that many albinos, as often happens when there is a deficit of some kind, tend to develop the other senses to compensate. Many of them, therefore, have strong tactile and auditory skills, aspects that have attracted curiosity and distrust due to the malicious lies spread in folktales about albinos. 

In short, a confused and tangled web of ignorance and misinformation that has seen the moment arrive where this situation has to be rectified. Let's start by taking a look at this fascinating photo gallery that celebrates the beauty of albino people from all over the world.


Azfar Firdaus (Malaysia)

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Shaun Ross (USA)

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David Guerrero (Colombia)


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Maschall (Germany)


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Chihiro (Japan)

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Nariyana (Russia)


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Un post condiviso da Diandra Forrest (@diandraforrest) in data:

Diandra Forrest (USA)

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By freeing ourselves from mistrust and prejudice, we can all contribute to building a better society ... Because our world desperately needs bridges, certainly not barriers!


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February 05, 2014

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