16 people who invented something brilliant…
10 situations where only a left-handed person can understand the annoying inconveniences! 18 children who surprised their parents with some brilliant ideas

16 people who invented something brilliant without intending to ...

February 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In some cases, a genius idea emerges thanks to deep and articulated studies on a topic, which eventually lead to epochal conclusions.

Sometimes, and much more simply, ingeniousness is expressed in finding an unusual and very simple solution to a daily problem.

Go on a picnic on a hot and humid day? Creating extra space in a tiny bathroom? Some people are able to respond to these questions in a very original way ...

Just like the 16 geniuses (or crazy individuals), you will see in this photo gallery.

1. It is precisely at school, where often cleverness and inspiration first begin to develop ...

image: Iam1337/imgur

2. To control the volume remotely --- and without a remote control.


3. When you want to prepare a mousse ---- at any cost!

4. A joke or a clever strategy?

5. For true coffee lovers (and those who love original solutions!)


6. Harry Potter! I'm coming!

image: Imgur

7. When you do not have much space at home, you have to think ingeniously!


8. It seems to be a cruise ship!

image: fylox/Imgur

9. OKaaay ... but I would never use it

image: ElDraky/Imgur

10. When coffee cannot wait ...

11. Trust me, I'm a professional camper!

image: Imgur

12. When you can not connect the tablet to the TV, but you have a digital camera!

image: setoxxx/imgur

13. Is the button to book a stop broken? Just use a chicken!

image: Imgur

14. Ok --- this has no explanation!

image: Imgur

15. Raise your hand! Who wants something like this ...

image: imgur

16. No more books falling into the bathtub water!


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