These photos are so absurd that you will not be able to understand what is happening -
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These photos are so absurd that you…
These people received surprises that they definitely did not expect! 14

These photos are so absurd that you will not be able to understand what is happening

January 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In a world now dominated by images and cameras, it often happens that a seemingly normal photo manages to capture the perfect moment and reveal an absolutely disturbing side of reality.

Sometimes the surreal effect is given by the objects that are randomly arranged in a curious way, sometimes it is the intrinsic absurdity in human beings and their creations that make it truly unusual.

In any case, the final effect is so incomprehensible as to be comical. Have fun!

1. Just sitting there as if everything is normal ...

2. "This photo of my son looks like a horror movie poster."


3. Everyone has a favorite pet!

4. What have I just seen?

5. An overexposed photograph makes the tower look like an alien spacecraft ...


6. A very unusual looking cat!


7. Every country has its own customs and traditions ...


8. They have lied to us all of our lives!

9. A truly independent woman always carries a giant wrench in her backpack.


10. There wasn't another smartphone cover available in the store?

image: voOvoO

11. This stone looks like a huge slice of raw meat ...

12. "A friend posted this photoshopped image on Facebook, and when I first saw it --- I almost had a heart attack!


13. Completely empty guitar speaker cabinets?!

14. This lamp is projecting its light bulb!

15. Is the helicopter stealing a child?

16. Nothing strange, only deer stopping in a store to get something!

image: Sconosciuto

17. When you take a picture and you seem to have ended up in GTA ...


18. Pianos stacked on a beach during low tide. Why not?

19. A great way to keep the curtains still

20. In this game, one sector has decided to support the referees!

21. In the metro, you can see everything, even a girl riding a dinosaur.

22. Someone was very bored and decided to create a work of art ...

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