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A photographer spends 2 years photographing…
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A photographer spends 2 years photographing endangered animals and captures images of moving beauty!


When we talk about endangered animal species, polar bears, rhinoceroses, and tigers come to mind right away! In fact, all of them are so wonderful that the thought of not seeing them again on this Earth should break our heart.

The reality of the number of animals that are at risk, however, is much more extensive, so the photographer Tim Flach decided that only by photographing as many as possible, even the less known, could he launch an emergency message and make people reflect on what we risk losing forever.

The images you see gathered here are the result of a two-year effort during which Flach has put together a project called Endangered --- the result is something deeply fascinating and at the same time very moving.

The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) --- Thanks to the protection and conservation of animal species, we have managed to bring the number of specimens up from 100 to 326.

Philippine Eagle --- Only 600 specimens remain of the national bird of the Philippines.


Mongolian Tatarica Saiga --- 750 specimens remain.

Lesser Panda --- the number of these animals decreases each year and, among mammals, is one of the 100 species exposed to the greatest risk of extinction.

Golden snub-nosed monkey --- It lives only in the highlands of southwestern China and the male specimen is characterized by a light-colored snout.


Fireflies --- There are different types but their number is decreasing more and more in different parts of the world.

This is believed to be due to factors such as the destruction of natural habitats, pollution, and the use of pesticides.

Western lowland gorilla --- It is the most widespread species but at the same time the most subject to hunters' attacks and the destruction of their natural habitat.


Shoe-beak --- This large stork-like bird lives in East Africa and is considered a species at risk because it is estimated that there are only 8000 specimens left.

Marine Iguana --- This is not a species currently at risk but the future forecasts regarding the development of tourism do not leave much hope for this animal that lives in the Galapagos Islands.


Proboscis monkey --- In forty years, the number of specimens has decreased by half.

Pangolin tricuspid (or arboreal) --- It is hunted for food and traditional medicine.

Spotted newt of the Zagros Mountains (Iran).

Piloted vulture --- The threat factors are multiple, both accidental and voluntary.

Sturgeon ---- It is hunted for its caviar.

Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus)

Northern white rhinoceros --- It is already basically considered extinct in nature.

Giant Panda --- The total population is still constituted by a very low number (about 1,864) but the good news is that it is increasing.

The hippopotamus is considered a vulnerable species.

Polar bear --- The exact number is difficult to establish but it is estimated that only 20-25 thousand specimens have survived.

Sea angel (clade Gymnosomata) --- They are not at risk but the rise in temperature in the oceans threatens their survival as they live only in very cold waters.

Pied tamarin --- An endangered primate found in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.


African elephant

Western honey bee (European bee) --- The extinction of this insect would put the existence of life on Earth at risk.

Manchurian Crane

Arabian oryx

Military macaw

Follow Tim Flach in his work: Instagram: @timflachphotography | Twitter:@Timflach | Facebook: @Timflachphoto | Website: www.timflach.com


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