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25 people who do not really care about…
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25 people who do not really care about the judgment of others


Do you know the rule by which the absence of worries and the desire to have fun seem to be inversely proportional to age? Well, you should know that this is not the case for everyone! 

In fact, there are some enlightened (and enlightening) subjects that keep their childish carefreeness and their contempt for labels even in adulthood, and in doing so bring joy and a breath of fresh air to those around them. 

Here, we present to you some of these individuals who certainly do not lack a great sense of humor!

1 - "A colleague of mine was having a barbecue and his wife captured this image at the perfect moment."

2 - A day like any other --- a man dressed as a hot dog is taking a nap in the garden!


3 - "I gave my roommate a costume as a joke --- and she actually wore it!"

4 - "We also thought it was just an eclipse !!!"

5 - "Here's how I presented myself today at work for the "ugliest sweater" party!


6 - "I asked my boyfriend to choose the shower curtain and now we have this!"

7 - "I bought this and now I cannot wait for my boyfriend to come home!"


8 - "My wife is pregnant and is practicing how to wrap babies --- our cat is not very happy!"

9 - "A friend of mine gave a medieval theme party, and his grandfather presented himself like that!"


10 - "My boyfriend is a seller on Amazon and here's how I found him when I came home!"

11 - A perfect selfie on a carousel ride!

12 - "My 73-year-old friend went to see "The Hobbit" at midnight, dressed like this!"

13 - "My wife is away on a business trip for 14 days."

image: reddit.com

14 - "Here's how to start a fight with my wife!"

15 - "Everyone loved my girlfriend's costume!"

16 - "I came home and it took me 45 minutes to find my wife --- hiding in the sofa."

17 - "My 91-year-old grandfather is a World War II veteran and here he is behind the machine gun of a B24 bomber airplane in a museum ... On the SAME plane, he flew during the war. He was beside himself in disbelief!"

18 - "His pregnant girlfriend forgot to show up for the photo shoot! Of course, he did not want to see his money wasted!"

19 - "A friend of mine went to a wedding and somebody took this picture of him! Here, he is for the whole Internet to see!"

20 - "A colleague went on maternity leave and we decided to grow a lawn on her desk!"

21 - " Here is my friend's grandmother coming out of her living room riding a motorboat!"

22 - "My husband told me that I would not be able to shave his foot while he was asleep ... well, today he woke up looking like this!"

23 - "My husband is really treacherous!"

24 - "Rules? I do not know what they are."

image: Pleated Jeans

25 - "My boss still insists on using a webcam during our meetings. And I continue to be a wizard!"

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