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21 couples who opted to create double…
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21 couples who opted to create double identities with exhilarating results


When you receive an invitation to a fancy dress party, the best part is obviously the moment in which you decide which costume to choose. Sophisticated, excessive, or real experts in costuming?

The possibilities are varied and all enticing. Many costumes, however, would not be complete without a partner to act as a sidekick. In fact, this is how the exhilarating couples that we present here were created.

With extreme irony, they decided to opt for a double disguise, and the result could only be exhilarating.

1. The famous dance scene in Pulp Fiction

image: tumblr.com

2. The American Gothic painting by Grant Wood


3. A scene from "Back to the Future"

4. Soap and ... the loofah!

5. The nightmare of nightmares ---your battery is almost empty and no Wifi!

image: imgur.com

6. Peter Pan and his shadow

Un post condiviso da brandy rivera (@estele23) in data:

7. The couple in "The Big Bang Theory"

image: tumblr.com

8. A NASA employee ... and his star

Un post condiviso da AmazinGrace (@gracechanin) in data:

9. This is really elegant --- breasts in a bra.

Un post condiviso da Melissa Mota Kane (@melc324) in data:


10. A classic: The Simpsons

11. For Pokemon lovers

Un post condiviso da Autumn Simone (@autumnsimone) in data:

12. The girls from "Shining" (one, in particular, is very creepy!)

13. Nothing but a pair of sloths ...

image: imgur.com

14. Crudelia De Mon and her dog

image: imgur.com

15. Fifty Shades of Gray ... literally

Un post condiviso da Fall Fashion (@falllfashion) in data:

16. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh

image: imgur.com

17. Barbie and Ken, ready to be bought

18. The delicious cream-filled cookies OREO

19. Rhum and Coke ... in reality

image: pinterest

20. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian ... are they not identical to the original?

image: imgur.com

21. Mario and Luigi from the video game Super Mario Bros!

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