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13 Objects That Have Been Found In Totally…
15 social media users who have lied so shamelessly that they are hilarious 13 giant living creatures you would never want to come face-to-face with!

13 Objects That Have Been Found In Totally UNEXPECTED Places


Have you ever found an object of common use in a totally unexpected place and asked yourself "How the hell did it end up here?". This is more or less the exclamation that best describes the images that we present in the photo gallery here below. 

Each of these people was faced with both a surprising find and a difficult explanation and wanted to capture the image and share it online --- the result is definitely surreal and quite funny.

1. A bottle of red wine in the shower ... Why not?

2. Someone finally found the glasses they had lost.


3. This lady has found a giant shoe!? Where is the owner?!

4. This man has discovered where his children hide carrots instead of eating them.

5. A bottle partially buried in the ground with a plant growing inside ... Nothing can stop nature!


6. When you find yourself face to face with your double ... in a museum!

7. We hope it's not just the tip of the iceberg!


8. This wife has just discovered the place where her husband hides his sweets!

9. A mother found this "emergency" box while cleaning her 5-year-old son's room ...


10. While doing some renovation work on their house, this family found a box containing more than $51,000 in cash and a bottle of bourbon from the 1960s.

image: sarmik/Imgur
image: sarmik/Imgur

11. Finding your own double at a Coldplay concert ... dressed exactly like you!

12. While slicing the cake you made, you find the mixing spoon baked inside!

image: Unknown/Imgur

13. "I was peeing and I felt something slap my ass and I looked down and ..."

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