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22 unpleasant situations that would…
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22 unpleasant situations that would ruin the day for anyone!


Some people seem to have all the luck in the world, unlike many others who have to constantly deal with their daily misfortunes.

It must be said, however, that some small inconveniences can always happen, perhaps to remind us of how many things actually do go well in our lives without us being aware of it.

So, let's not just notice when things seem to go all wrong, but should we also rejoice when everything goes well!

A great way to start the day badly.

image: auvr / imgur

This means that bad luck has chosen you as its best friend.


And now?

Start calling someone ...



When the kitchen cupboards come off the walls --- what a nightmare!

The handle of the cat litter box gave way and the cat litter spilled all over the stairway carpet.


It seems like he did not take it badly!

We hope this guy likes hot and spicy food!


This is an excellent way to test a person's patience.

No, today is definitely not a good day.

Knock, knock --- is anyone there?

It would be better to start looking for another job ...

When your boss commissions a job for you that he says will take "only an hour or so".

How being in a hurry can cause you to make a huge mistake ...

image: mrgc / imgur

Do we have an orange drink in the fridge?

This is how I found my trampoline!

A bad, bad day.

The vacuum cleaner decided to disintegrate the carpet.

No one has yet taken steps to ensure that this tragedy does not repeat itself again ...

And now what?! ...

When you find a large metal coupling nut in your ice cream instead of a real nut?!

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