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20 photos of brothers that anyone would…
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20 photos of brothers that anyone would just love to have in their life!


Having brothers as siblings can sometimes be an extremely humorous experience, especially if they have the typical personality of the prankster! 

Maybe it is due to their forgetfulness, desire to play around, or their ingeniousness in inventing practical jokes and pranks!

In any case, the scenes portrayed in the 20 photos that we propose will certainly make you smile and, probably, remember one of the many days spent laughing with your brother (or sister!).

1. When your brother decides to go on the road with the family dog ​​...

2. A brother who knows how to use Photoshop ... and a sister holding her high school diploma magically becomes a sister holding a huge butcher's cleaver!

image: Reddit

3. Her brother teases her about her obsessive care of her hair. What else does he do? He buys some fake hair and makes sure she finds tresses of hair everywhere!

4. "My brother just sent me a picture of him with my son, but there's something strange ..."

5. "The cake for my birthday that my brother made for me!"


6. "What do you want for your birthday?" --- "Whatever...lol". Well, my little sister took what I said, literally!

7. A construction created with breakfast cereal on the head of a newborn baby. This work of art was done by the baby's older brother ...


8. Perhaps his sister is right to say that he dresses like a child!

9. An obvious case of ... unequal gift giving!


10. "Better to travel safely ... especially if you have a brother who just got his driver's license!"

11. First birthday gift from an older brother to a younger brother! Let's hope that at least their parents bought him some toys!?

image: Imgur

12. "I received a "potato postcard" from my brother!"

13. These two brothers have just become uncles to twins. As everyone knows -- first impressions are everything!

14. He replaces the photo of his sister with that of Putin. The family has not yet noticed the substitution ...

15. "My little sister always dresses in style, when she is with me!"

16. "My mother told me to take my brother with me and my friends ... but he was not able to fit in very well ... "

17. "My brother is traveling with his friends and today he sent me a photo ..."

18. "Yet I swear that five seconds ago, my brother was sitting there next to my mother ..."

19. "Just to scare the hell out of my sister!"

20. "My brother almost dropped his niece --- my baby! I do not know how I managed to remain so calm!"

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