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23 hospital decorations that show that…
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23 hospital decorations that show that a hospital staff can be very creative

December 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Before the Christmas holidays, our mind is busy thinking about a myriad of things to do! Decorations, gifts, the menu for lunches and dinners, and sending out holiday greetings.

In short, we have to think about everything, but it is not too often that our thoughts go out to those who will not spend a Christmas like all their previous ones! Especially those who are sick and are forced to spend their holidays in the hospital.

Fortunately, the hospital staff thinks about the patients! Consequently, also in a hospital, in a very special way, the Christmas spirit is felt! Just take look at these Christmas holiday decorations, made with materials commonly used in a hospital.

A Christmas wreath made of scissors and IV drips!

image: Becky Roberts

Transfusion bags in the shape of Christmas stockings.

image: Kiseung Lee

The name of this Christmas skeleton? Mal Nutrition!

image: Bytes Master

A Christmas tree made of medical gloves.

image: viokitty

Children born during the holidays are placed in Christmas stockings.


Another beautiful tree made of disposable medical gloves.

image: jacks_human

This hospital knows how to light up the hospital and create a Christmas atmosphere!

image: SirJukesALot

Empty medicine bottles filled with Christmas lights.

image: etsy.com

A Christmas wreath created with plastic urine sample containers.

image: Debbie Archer

A dentist's Christmas tree! Did you notice what the star is made of?

image: Debbie Archer

Best wishes for a peaceful and safe holiday!

image: Debbie Archer

The symbol for DNA turned into Christmas decoration!

image: Reggieana

A Christmas decoration on a door in a hospital.

image: Nicki Davies

A holiday wreath created with male urinals.

image: Debbie Archer

A mannequin used for first-aid training has been transformed into a Christmas tree.

Here we have a hospital-style Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

image: Nicki Davies

Here we see Christmas balls made from test tubes!

A Santa Claus greets hospital staff and visitors at the entrance to a ward.

The nurses wish everyone a Merry Christmas like this!

A Christmas tree decorated with medical gloves and syringes.

Christmas trees made with surgical gloves are the most popular!

image: Helen Wood

A Christmas wreath created by drugstore employees.

A colorfully decorated urinal.

image: Lee Westbrook

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