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20 photos of frustrating situations…
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20 photos of frustrating situations that would make anyone go crazy!

December 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is not about being perfectionists, some situations are always unnerving and they are for everyone!

In fact, who does not find it annoying to see only single seats are occupied on a bus and in particular those near the aisle so that to get a seat you are forced to ask a person to move so that you can pass, and sit down?

These are trivial situations, of course, and often with a simple solution, but that for some reason are more irritating and unbearable than other more serious events.

Here are some photos of things or situations that can really make you lose your mind!

When the cutlery falls into the plate and to retrieve it, you must necessarily get your fingers dirty!

The pain that comes when you cut your fingernail too short.


Shoes that have shoelaces that continuously become untied when they are new.

When in addition to your own daily problems you must also deal with those caused by your dog.

When you step on something that also smears on the side of your shoe so that it is not enough to just rub it on the floor or sidewalk.


When you wash your hands and wet the edge of your sleeves.

When you cut yourself with a piece of paper.


When someone leaves a few inches of milk (or any drink) in the bottle and puts it back in the refrigerator.

Bathrooms with mirrored ceilings.


When the aluminum covering on the yogurt container breaks in the middle.

When something does not fit perfectly.

When the underwire comes out of your bra.

When you enter a site that requires registration to be able to browse.

image: tumblr.com

When there is no way to transfer the contents of one glass into another.

When on the bus only the window seats are free.

When a zipper breaks.

Those tangled earphones ...

When you need to take a paper towel but it breaks when you pull it.

When you book a window seat and you find yourself like this.

When you want to break off one banana but the bunch is too ripe and the stems on all the other bananas come off, too!

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