Here's what happens when people get bored and cannot find anything to do! -
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Here's what happens when people get…
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Here's what happens when people get bored and cannot find anything to do!


For some people, boredom is not a time to do absolutely nothing, but an opportunity to do anything, even those activities without any sense.

It is these people who have created the following photos, in one of their moments of creative boredom.

Expect some weird things, because when you do not have anything to do, in particular, ideas come to mind that border on the limits of rationality!

Getting stuck in traffic is one of the moments when boredom strikes.

Decorate the fabric on the sofa on a Saturday night.


This person must have had an awful lot of free time available!

Boredom in the office.

image: Unknown/imgur

When you have to wait for the sauce to cook and it takes hours and hours ...


Making your cat the victim of your boredom.

Finding a different way to write on your computer keyboard just to escape boredom.


If you cannot figure it out from the pictures, they are figures and images made from pieces of candy!

The boredom of make-up artists.


When it snows and you have no friends with which to have a snowball fight!

Beer cans transformed into a choir.

When the line seems to be endlessly long ...

Shadow Games: the favorite pastime for those who get bored.

Boredom during a lunch break.

Playing a joke on a neighbor!

Some more cats that are the helpless victims of boredom.

Make a fly a queen or a king!

Have you ever thought about shaving a kiwi when you get bored?

Make a hole in the ceiling interesting.

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