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20 humorous photos of dogs behaving…
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20 humorous photos of dogs behaving like human beings

November 27, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

After a lifetime together, we often forget that our dogs belong to another species.

This is also because they are able not only to adapt perfectly to their owner's lifestyle but also to emulate it, becoming members of the family in all respects ... Almost resembling the human members! 

Do you think it is exaggerated to speak about this topic using these terms?  Well, just take a look at these 20 comic photos of dogs and tell us if they do not seem to be humans in disguise!

Two close friends watching a football game together!

image: Karen Baren

Being trendy and not even knowing it!

image: Miguel Zamora

An expression that says more than a thousand words!

Standing posture on two paws to make a difference

image: Karen Baren

"Have I possibly done something wrong of which I am completely unaware?"

image: pdues00

In total relax on the couch

image: Karen Baren

Striking a pose

image: Bunny

Sleeping as if there is no tomorrow

image: Blanka Pop

"Did I hear someone mention dog treats?"

image: C B

Sitting in the car and emulating your owners

image: Miguel Zamora

Waiting at the window for someone from the family to return

image: Olga Ławińska-Tarsa

Having fun at the playground! It's fantastic!

image: Caitlyn McCracken

When mom shouts, "OK, everybody ...it's time to eat!"

image: Ceci Lia

Just taking a quick nap!

image: Brittany Barats

Why should a member of the family be locked out of the house?

image: Stelyana Gabriel

Taking a nap on the sofa is no big deal, everybody else does it!

image: Maike Schmaike

It's much better to take a nap under the covers!

image: Lenora Antunes

Why not just stay in bed under the warm covers, just like my owner?!

image: Caterina Vilariño

"I'm so sleepy I can hardly keep my eyes open...."

image: Gözde Gencer

And last but not least --- the undisputed boss of the remote control!

image: Loredana Maholea
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