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19 Shamelessly Luxurious Things I Will…
When Iranian women were free -- here are 16 images showing an unknown and forgotten past 13 tourist destinations that in reality are not quite what you think!

19 Shamelessly Luxurious Things I Will Buy When I Am A Millionaire


Although unbridled luxury and the useless waste of natural resources are things that we should not be proud of, there are some small hidden desires that we do not have to be ashamed of.

Besides, dreaming is not against the law, and above all - you will say - with your own money you can do whatever you want!

We have put together a photo gallery of shamelessly luxurious objects, which probably very few of us will ever have the chance to own or even just experience. Some are really exaggerated and excessive but ... resisting their charm is impossible!

1. A tree house .... the dream of every child!

2. A bed-sized hammock ... to take a nap in comfort and style


3. A waterslide in a bedroom closet that leads directly to the swimming pool

4. A home movie theater!

image: laurel-loves

5. A bed that reproduces the starry sky


6. A hammock hanging over a lake

image: horriblehome

7. A bedroom with moving walls

image: archinspire

8. A lamp that creates an incredible "One Thousand and One Nights" ambiance!

9. An indoor and outdoor swimming pool

image: epayagel

10. Pipe-system walkways for my cat friends

11. Walls made almost totally of glass to admire a forest lake

image: inhabitat

12. A bathroom with a glass floor ... built over a former elevator shaft!

13. A garage that can disappear ... underground.

image: cardok.com

14. A multilevel labyrinth aquarium

image: hdwall

15. An island ... your own private island!

16. A tent to admire the sky at night

image: attrap-reves

17. A cozy library nestled in the forest where you isolate yourself from everyone and recharge your batteries ...

image: Studio Padron

18. A wine storage cupboard with vintage wines

image: Seb Gros

And last but not least ... I would like a bathroom with a fireplace!

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February 03, 2014

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