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28 people who have used statues in captured…
21 photographs that reveal some historical details that you did not know about 20 unusual but ingenious inventions that can help us in everyday life

28 people who have used statues in captured images that are unforgettable


Taking a photograph near a famous statue to take home as a nice vacation souvenir is one of the classic ways to take photographs. 

But have you ever thought that actually, photographs taken near statues are rather monotonous and mindless?

However, it is not always so! Just be inventive and use your imagination to figure out how to "exploit" the immobility of statues to create something original.

These 28 people have even managed to make their photographs exceptional and fun! Look at what they have invented ...

# 1

image: unknown

# 2

image: unknown

# 3

image: jstrydor

# 4

image: ZeroCiipheR

# 5

image: devabdulsalam

# 6

image: SirJukesALot

# 7

image: Luqman5739

# 8

image: unknown

# 9

image: unknown

# 10

image: unknown

# 11

image: sarwhere

# 12

image: esiper

# 13

image: rephan

# 14

image: ezkimojoe

# 15

image: Legoyman

# 16

image: oly9990

# 17

image: unknown

# 18

image: unknown

# 19

image: unknown

# 20

image: guilleart

# 21

image: mikeroach94

# 22

image: J2point074

# 23

image: unknown

# 24

image: Ren Dong

# 25

image: mickeymoo

# 26

image: Rold RamCab

# 27

image: plaidosaurus

# 28

image: unknown
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