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25 helpful tips that are more than a…
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25 helpful tips that are more than a century old, but they are still incredibly useful

October 24, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we do not know how to solve the little problems that arise in everyday life, often the best answer is to rely on traditional solutions.

In fact, those famous "old wives' tales" are often surprisingly effective and help us to quickly find efficient and inexpensive solutions when even Google cannot give us a helping hand. 

In the late 1910s, the well-known British cigarette company Gallaher chose some of these old wives' tales to use in one of their cigarette card advertising campaigns that became very famous.

The New York Public Library has subsequently digitized these cigarette cards and posted them on the Internet, giving the whole world the chance to enjoy these very useful tips. 

 Here is an interesting selection.

To prevent eyeglasses from fogging up just rub some soap on the lenses and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.

To prevent the proliferation of insects in your garbage can simply use borage powder which will keep them away.


You can make your shoes more comfortable by attaching a piece of velvet cloth at the back.

How to pick up a water jug ​​properly --- Inserting your thumb inside the jug will prevent damage to your wrist.

How to properly apply a bandage. First, wrap the bandage by spiraling it from the heel to the toes, then pin the end over your ankle.


To alleviate pain from a sprained ankle --- Insert the end of a bandage into a jug filled with cold water ​​and place the other end on the ankle.

Put your foot in a comfortable position. Get a jug full of cold water and a clean bandage. Insert one end of the bandage into the water jug and place the other end on the ankle.

To clean an oil painting --- Take a slice of raw potato and gently rub it over the painting, then wipe with a clean cloth. Proceed slowly and gently over the entire painting.


How to slice bread perfectly --- Heat the knife blade by immersing it in hot water.

How to safeguard delicate vases --- Fill the vases, partly with sand, so they will not fall over so easily.


Gather and clean up broken pieces of glass without cutting yourself by moistening an old cloth and using it to remove the broken glass from the floor.

You can remove a ring that is stuck on your finger by simply putting soap on your finger!

How to improve your lung capacity --- Stand on the tips of your toes with your head tilted back, inhale as long as you can and then exhale slowly; repeat in the morning and evening.

Check the freshness of a lobster by pulling and stretching the tail. If when the tail is released it snaps back with a click then the lobster is fresh!

How to cook slightly broken eggs. Just add a little vinegar to the water to prevent the raw egg from coming out of the shell.

Separate two stuck glasses by immersing the bottom glass in the hot water and pouring cold water into the glass on top.

You can check if a bed is humid, to avoid suffering from rheumatism, by passing a mirror between the sheets and checking to see if the mirror fogs up.

You can remove a long nail effortlessly by using a piece of wood as a lever.

Make a lock at no cost by attaching a piece of wood with a screw.

Clean stained leather shoes by dissolving some baking soda in a little milk and rubbing the shoes with the mixture. Let them dry and then polish the shoes.

How to give new life to the cut flowers. If your bouquet of flowers has started to wilt on the way home, first immerse the stems in hot water, then after several minutes cut the ends of the stems and put the bouquet of flowers in a vase filled with cold water.

Adapt a candle to a candle holder by dipping the bottom end of the candle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Then once softened fit the candle into the candle holder.

Locate holes in tubes or tires by using soap or shaving cream that will allow you to easily discover the presence of leaks.

Keep the lid of a pot open by using tongs, a clamp or a clothespin.

Stop leather shoes from squeaking by placing the bottom of the shoes in an oil-filled plate.

Easily start a fire by twisting some newspaper pages together with force, so that they are held together tightly, this will make the flame more durable.

All of these are very interesting and useful old wives' tales! Did you already know them or did you learn something new?

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