Wally thinks he knows how Stonehenge…
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Wally thinks he knows how Stonehenge was built!? Check it out!

March 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Who built Stonehenge? Moreover, with what tools?! Especially since the wheel had probably not even been invented yet!? These are all questions to which there have never been definite answers, only theories, which are often in contradiction with the chronology of historical events.

However, a retired carpenter, W.T. "Wally" Wallington, may have found the answer to this enigma and now he wants to divulge his thesis to the entire world! Yes, an ancient people could very well have raised massive stones and placed them in the configuration we know today, as Stonehenge, without necessarily involving aliens or miracles.

Here in one of his many explanatory videos, it is Wally himself who shows us the way it could have been done ...

Cover image: The Forgotten Technology | Stonehenge

It has been estimated that the stones of Stonehenge weigh between 15 and 20 tons. Furthermore, they had to have been transported for kilometers, maybe even 200 km (125 mi).

The scientific and archaeological community has never been able to identify a transport mechanism that would have made it possible to transfer such massive stones for such a long distance, without using an instrument in the shape of a "wheel".

A retired carpenter became very interested in the question and has come up with a method that may have been used to construct Stonehenge.

Through the use of levers, pivots, and scales, a man named Wally Wallington, said he could also move 20 tons of heavy stone blocks, such as those found at the ancient English astronomical observatory known as Stonehenge --- with only with machinery manufactured by him and made with materials available in the past.


Wally's interest in the technical aspects of transport was born when he was still working on construction sites.

It had happened several times in the past that he had had to move massive blocks of stone without the without the possibility of breaking them up or employing powerful mechanical means. So he had been driven to study and discover alternative mechanisms of transport.

Here is Wally, a retired carpenter, in action in this video, as he demonstrates how the massive stones could have been moved.

In the video, here below, you can instead see how this man, all by himself, has managed to build a perfect model of Stonehenge, in real scale! Stonehenge reloaded! :)

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