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If your dog follows you into the bathroom,…
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If your dog follows you into the bathroom, do not ignore them! Here is what they are trying to tell you!

October 23, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dogs are probably among the most communicative animals in the world and in fact, we know how to properly interpret their needs and their moods.

Among the feelings that dogs can express the best, is the love they feel for their owner, and it is also perhaps the most obvious.

But do you know how many other different ways a dog expresses love for their owner?

The answer will give you further confirmation that having a dog is one of the most beautiful experiences that can be had in life because it shows us what true unconditional love really is.

All the behaviors listed here are ways your dog will tell you how much he/she loves you.

image: Reddit

1. When you go to bed, your dog has acquired the habit of falling asleep near you. If you allow your dog to lie on your bed, your pet will never fail to show you that he/she loves spending time together with you, even without doing anything special -- he/she only loves being near you and finds this to be relaxing. 

2. Your dog goes wild with happiness when you come home --- no matter how long you have actually been absent, your dog will always be happy to see you again. 

3. When a dog and his master are in complete harmony, they end up having the same routine and rhythms. So if after lunch you have the habit of taking a little nap, you can be assured that your four-legged friend will share this moment of relaxation with you. 

4. Your dog licks your hands or feet. This behavior is often manifested with puppies, but if your dog does it to you, it is because he/she is trying to show you the same love. Licking your hands or feet is a way of showing a sense of protection and affection.

image: Storyblocks

5. If you are sad for some reason, you cannot hide it from your dog. Even if you caress and speak softly, he/she will understand immediately that something disturbs you. Call it a sixth sense or whatever you prefer, but you do not even have to say anything because in its own way your dog will always be able to give you comfort. 

6. If your dog also follows you into the bathroom, it is because dogs make no difference between the bathroom and the kitchen. They will follow you wherever you go, to protect you and to also receive attention. Although it can be embarrassing, do not ignore them! They do it for your own good! 

7. When your dog presents you with a "gift" do not scold your dog if it presents you with an insect or some object that it should not have taken. It is a gift that he/she is giving you to show you their appreciation for everything you do for them. 

8. If your dog climbs up into your arms, it means that he/she is desperately asking for affection and pampering. There are more and less affectionate dogs, but no one should lack feeling loved. 

Remember, a dog is not an object, and once you have taken the commitment to adopt one you have to carry it out for the rest of your life! Although there can be challenging moments, it will not be very difficult to take care of your dog, especially if you have a natural affinity towards living with an as a companion.


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