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24 incredible shadows formed randomly…
This artist transforms the anonymous facades of buildings into lively, full-fledged frescoes A delicious chocolate muffin ready in two minutes!

24 incredible shadows formed randomly that you will find hard to believe!

October 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

With the exception of Peter Pan, all things have a shadow. A shadow can become larger or smaller, or it can be distorted --- it all depends on the angle with which light strikes a solid body. 

Sometimes the combinations that are created have very particular, absurd or funny shapes or figures, which remind us of something else and seem to have their own life. 

Look at these intriguing images and notice the lion's face or the dragon and you will understand what we are talking about!

1. The shadow of this dog makes you think of the "big bad" wolf in fairy tales.

image: livejamie

2. The dirt line shadow on the windshield of my car has created an incredible mountainous landscape!


3. A fence shadow that becomes a piano keyboard.

image: mattythedog

4. The rolled-up blinds have created a shadow that looks exactly like a cat!

5. Here is the shadow dragon!

image: Kirit_SC

6. A part of this man's shadow when it hits the wall --- has become a dog!

image: MuchoGrande

7. Giraffe or unicorn?

image: 3_pac

8. My toothbrushes take care of a shadow person's oral hygiene, apparently!

image: DHSVlip

9. The shadow of palm tree fronds creates a beautiful drawing of a lion's face.

image: imagepoem

10. The astonishing shadows of two people walking in the opposite direction (and a dog that looks like it is watching them!).

11. The shadows created by the windows have produced an optical illusion.

image: Mouse_fighter

12. The gas tank cap has created a shadow figure that looks exactly like the famous Batman Shadow!

13. This pen made of recycled plastic materials has the exact same shape of a plastic bottle!

image: Tyler__Harris

14. The shadows of these two girls have merged to create a gorilla!

image: PrimalMusk

15. Incredible -- but the shadow that is on the dog's body seems to form the word "dog" ...

16. This roll of toilet paper is about to end, so it turns into a shadow bird and flies away.

image: vxee

17. These are just clothespins attached to a clothesline, but they look exactly like the shadow profile of a rock band!

18. A ceiling light fixture shadow that changes into an all-seeing eye.

19. Can you see Rambo's face? Wow!

image: reddit.com

20. From a duck shadow to a fish only takes a moment!

image: likk

21. So how do you pass from being a dog to a cat?!?

image: xnekokuro

22. Another mythical hidden unicorn ...

A fabulous shadow mustache on this mannequin ...

image: sushifoofi

24. A leaf shadow becomes a beautiful and elegant giraffe.


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