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A photo montage or the real deal?!
Innovative gadgets that are cool but also very useful! What do your fears make you see?

A photo montage or the real deal?!


Have you ever been looking at a person and have the impression of standing in front of a mirror? Think about it a moment, maybe on a bus, train, or subway, perhaps at a party, maybe at school ... 

Sometimes it happens that a perfect stranger is dressed exactly as you are, or that chance has brought two people who are frighteningly similar to the same place at the same time and it looks like a scene from a science fiction movie!

Each sitting area is a reality in its own right.

image: cameronmross

Double -- double copy!

image: Optomistik

No one could resist capturing this image!

image: Enguzelharf

Same sweatshirt brand and dyed hair in reverse colors ... Someone, please tell us these two know each other!

image: Tcherno

Same matching clothes, purse and shopping bags.

image: imgur.com

Okay, these two are identical twin brothers who have never stopped dressing in the same way.

image: mint_tea_logo

Something strange is going on in this pub.


A fugitive! OMG!

image: iwannabeaduck

Two couples at dinner ...


Hey, fashion trends ...

image: GummyyBear

Could it be that a school has imposed this dress code?!?

image: StartSelect

This really happened and they were the first to notice it.

image: Jamiexx

For this chance combination to have happened requires some doing!

Dark and curly hair! In many cities, all the girls seem to wear their hair like this.

image: technotoad

Leopard fantasy leggings are an evergreen.

image: WeebsJak

These two ladies must shop at the same clothing store.

image: twister99999

This guy should be careful ... he could be mistaken for Snowden and arrested!

image: ConanOBrien

Typical scenes at the bus stop.

image: Seanisfun

The ladies in purple.

image: LayneInChains

Three men, same bar.

If it were not for the tie ...

These two girls are photocopies.

For this guy and a girl --- not noticing each other would have been impossible!


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